Casting call for Crosshair, a feature-length film project.

Crosshair is a drama/thiller which follows a scorned wife, a young man burdened by debt and an elderly Northern Irish taxi driver – all on paths of revenge.

Shooting dates: 21st October – 8th November, 2019.


> Gerry Dwyer: late 50s/early 60s; Belfast city accent (ideally a native).

> Louise O’Neill: late 40s; tall and slight; Irish.

> Tim Murphy: lates 40s; pudgy from good living; Irish.

> Paweł Pawlikowski: late 20s/ early 30s; Polish.

> Caoimhe O’Driscoll: mid 20s; a non-jackeen accent, Irish.

> Barry Byrne: early 50s; Irish.

Please send a CV (or short bio) with some recent work to, with the role that you’re interested in as the email subject