We are looking for actors for a student short film.
“Time, Gentlemen” is a dystopian short film. After an event that has torn their friendship apart, Harry and Thomas meet up in a pub to settle things the old-fashioned way; drinking until tempers rise and both parties can say whatever it is they are holding back.
However, once the bartender closes for the evening far earlier than is normal in any situation, a voice appears on the bar’s TV, telling the two that they have been chosen to take part in “The List”, a show designed around taking people’s friendships and romances and bringing them to their logical conclusions, usually with extreme consequences.
Character profiles:
Thomas (21 – 27 age range) – physical role/stunt work: the actor will be required to move around (standing and on the ground) as if they can’t move their arms and legs, as well as fall onto the ground (with safety precautions in place)
Dana (31 – 55 age range) is the host of “The List”. A professional through and through. Confident in front of a camera and knows how to work with a crowd. Male and female applicants
If you are interested, please send me your name, age, recent photo & any acting experience.
Message or email me at shortdramaproject@gmail.com