The Independent Short-Film « Good Morning Grace » is looking for its leading actress, with experience !

About the Character : In her twenties, Grace is a young and passionate Actress. But she is also well aware that the path she chose is a very difficult one, which is probably why she seems careful about what she hopes : as she opens herself up, we can see that it’s not always easy for her to reconcile the passion she developed since being a little girl and the concrete reality she’s facing now as an adult. She’s smart, funny and has a very good repartee which alows her to hide the melancholia she’s feeling about where her dreams may or may not be going.
References for her character and behavior would be Robin Scherbatsky in How I met your mother and Emma Stone in La La Land.

About the story : « Good Morning Grace » is a romantic comedy which consciously avoids the usual clichés of the genre, playing to its strength by subverting traditonal narrative structure whilst exploring the ups and downs of a young couples relationship.

IMPORTANT : We are looking for an actress looking about 22 – 25 years old, 175 cm maximum : we need her mother language to be English, both Irish or English accent are fine. We are really looking for someone with the ability to be very naturalistic in her performance, so please, come as you are and share YOUR personality !

The casting will take place on Saturday 11th of May in Dublin. We’ll send all the details to you including the scenario as soon as we hear from you !

Please send us your resume, photos and demo to this email address :