Performance Capturing (Facial Motion Capturing)

Interested in getting experience playing virtual characters like Gollum (Lord of the Rings), or Caesar (Planet of the Apes)? The Graphics Vision Visualisation group at Trinity College Dublin is developing next generation algorithms for the game industry, visual effects and others. In our recent project we want to test new facial animation algorithms and are looking for actors, who want to drive a virtual character with their performance. Actors of all levels are welcome.

You will be captured with a state-of-the-art motion capturing system. At the beginning a set of markers will be put on your face. Afterwards short shots will be captured. The task will be either to perform a set of different facial expressions in a quick order or to play short sentences, e.g. “I’m sick of you being late. (angry)”, or “I got promoted in my job. (happy)“. The capturing session would take at maximum 3hrs.

The result will be published in a similar video to this:

Fee: 30€ All4One voucher

Age: Adult

Gender: Male/Female

Location: Dublin, near EPIC museum

Date: 10th/11th April, afternoon/morning

Duration: 3hrs

Contact: Eduard Zell (