We are shooting a short dramatic piece about Medieval/Viking Ireland.
We are looking for 5 actors for the following parts.

Tuan (Male 30 to 40)
Tuan is c. 35 year old, narrator and lead character of our piece. He is a wise wanderer through time. He travels through Irish history eventually meeting Ferdia, a neolithic farmer who teaches him about farming and the importance of family. He continues his journey and arrives with the kinsella tribe where he meets his wife. They set up home together and have two children. He finds happiness in family life and settles down. His life is disrupted when his wife and family are kidnapped by vikings. He is left beaten after the attack and must find the vikings and rescue his family. His wisdom comes to the fore when he convinces the vikings who kidnapped his family to form an alliance.

Neala (Female 20 to 30)
Neala is a 26 year old daughter of the chief of the kinsella tribe. She is beautiful and gentle. She is a master falconer and uses her hawks to hunt. She longs to travel and see life outside her tribe. She falls in love with TUAN and they marry and have two children. She is attacked and kidnapped from her family home with her two children. She is kept captive by vikings before being rescued by TUAN with her two kids. They leave to restart their lives only to face the worry of the impending Norman invasion.

Aoibhean (Tuan’s Daughter)(Female 12 to 15)
Aoibhean is the 13 year old daughter of TUAN and NEALA. She appears half way through our piece after the marriage of TUAN and NEALA. She is in the family home when the Vikings attack and beat her father. She is taken captive along with her mother and brother, FEARDHIA She is rescued later on in our piece by her father. Aoibhean also plays the part of the slave girl in our hologram at the viking site. She speaks to the public about her captivity.

Ferdia (Male 35-49)
Ferdia is a neolithic farmer in his 40s, he is married to MARY and has two children, PADRAIG and SAOIRSE. He is working on his farm when he meets TUAN. They become friends and Ferdia teaches TUAN how to farm and grow food. He invites TUAN to eat with his family and then they part ways the following day. TUAN is so taken by his friendship with Ferdia he named his first son after him.

Head Viking (Male 30 to 45)
Our head viking is the leader of a small group of vikings held up at a viking encampment. This group of vikings kidnapp NEALA, AOIBHEAN and FEARDHIA from their family home and hold them captive at their camp by the river. In the end of our piece the head viking has a stand off with TUAN where he tries to strike TUAN with a sword twice only to have them blocked by TUAN. He is convinced by TUAN that violence is not the answer and the way forward is through an alliance. The head Viking concedes to this fact and lets TUAN and his family go.

Please email headshots and info to alan@irishheritage.ie

It’s being shot in Wexford in early October.