Deadline: 30/08/2020

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Roles: Participants


Do you reckon it’s time for a big change in your life but you need some help?

Baz Ashmawy is always a good guy to have on your side. Now, as we emerge from sitting in during lockdown, have you pondered those opportunities that you might have let past.

As we get out of the traps, are those dreams and unfulfilled ambitions waiting to be unleashed, albeit with a little helpful nudge – in the form of Baz Ashmawy!

Now this is your chance! Seize the moment and do something extraordinary for yourself – or for someone close to you in your life!  We all know someone who is in need of  a WINGMAN.

The series is about helping people to achieve a dream / ambition, to do the thing they always wanted to do before life got in the way. It might be to learn a skill or experience something they have always wanted to do. Maybe it’s dating, a crazy adventure, a childhood dream they never forgot. It might be something you want to do with a sibling, or a friend. It might be a totally new ambition. Or maybe you don’t know what you want, but you just know that you need a wingman…

Wing Man, Baz wants to help make your dreams come true!

Do you want to run away with the circus, learn something new?

Do you know someone who can make you laugh and belongs on the stage?

Have the last few months left you reckoning it’s time for a big change?

No dream is too big or too small. Tell us what your dream is and why you need help making it happen.

This series will be filmed in Ireland in accordance with Government and HSE guidelines for travel and filming. 

Apply now –

If you have any questions, please mail: or call / whatsapp (083) 118 7077


How to apply

Company: RTÉ

Phone: (083) 118 7077