We are looking for Male and Female actors aged 20-35 for a stage comedy (characters below) that will start in Dublin City
Centre from Oct 21st-27th.
The show delves into dating in Dublin and is loosely based on a sell out show at Edinburgh Fringe.
We plan to take it to venues across the country over the winter and are currently looking at London dates.
If interested please contact irishcomedy2019@gmail.com with your details and a showreel/ video footage if possible.

All levels of experience are encouraged to apply. Auditions will be held later in the week (Sept 12-15). The show is
profit share in it’s first run and we are hoping to expand on this afterwards.

Characters: (note some actors will play a couple of characters)
Male: 20-28 Ryan, regular lad who enjoys going out, having pints but is a romantic at heart
Female: 25-34 Niamh; Irish professional, independent girl, sharp whit who has
grown tired of the dating world.
Male: 26-35: John: Irish, (country or dub) Funny guy with a chip on his shoulder. A bit of a rogue at heart.
Female 22-28. Ella French girl with an edge. Free spirit.